Part from Documentary a bout Zagori.Here, the initiated can listen to distant voices and contemplate forgotten images. The mountainsides, with their sharp vertical massifs, surround the landscape tightly, like there is no way out… The aquatic roads however split the mountainous castles and the incessant rhythm of the water satisfies man’s sense of escape…


The song of the fountains gives hope and so the journey continues within paths never walked on before. This land is hospitable in its ruggedness, as beauty is born from steep stone roofs, trunks and rock is present everywhere in all its expressions. Stone streets, stone roofs, dry stones, boulders and water… Even so this ostensible monotony is transformed to a charmer, who magnetizes the look, a tool of introspection, which reveals countless emotions, ancient thoughts… Thus, here, the involuntary escape is realized and the traveler finds a land shelter.

Σκηνοθεσία:Χρήστος Ν. Καρακάσης
Σενάριο Χρήστος Ν. Καρακάσης
Φωτογραφία: Γιώργος Νικολός
Κείμενα:Κατερίνα Κοντοπανάγου,Χρήστος Καρακάσης
Μουσική ΟΜΜΑ, Περικλής & Βαγγέλης Μπουλουχτσής
Μουσική τίτλων τέλους
Τάσος Μακρογιαννόπουλος
Αφήγηση: Σοφία Μπεράτη
Παραγωγή: KOYINTA Production

Direction:Christos N. Karakasis
Sceenplay:Christos N. Karakasis
Text:Katerina Kontopanagou,Christos Karakasis
Cinematography:Yorgos Nikolos
Music:OMMA, Periklis & Vangelis Boulouchtsis,
Tasos Makroyιannopoulos
Narration: Sofia Berati

Duration 66min

Forma: Digital Beta

Producer:KOYINTA Production